The Black Male Archives

Controlling our Narrative!


-Panther Jerry Dunigan, known as “Odinka”, serves breakfast to children at Panther Free Breakfast Program. Photograph © Stephen Shames


The Black Male Archives was started to show the many characteristics, professions and perspectives of Black Men across the world and to curate our journey and Promote a positive narrative!



My name is Rodney Freeman and I am a Father, Brother, Son, Librarian, Self-proclaimed nerd, Hip Hop Extraordinaire, and a Black Man. I started this site not only to promote positive stories of and about Black Men, but also to curate our journey and experiences . In the past couple of years, we’ve been bombarded with so many negative images and stories about Black Men and I began to look at myself and wonder if that was how people saw me. I was concerned because the Black Men in my life (my father, friends, and mentors) do not fit the portrayal of Black Men in the news and media. I wanted to provide people with a different perspective, create something that will show Black Men in a positive light, and show our many experiences in their entirety. Thus, the Black Male Archives was born. The Archives are a collective of experiences and a multitude of journeys converging in one location.

Much love,

Rodney E. Freeman Jr.


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